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What We Organize?


  • Storage Area
  • Holiday Items
  • Tools/Gardening Supplies


  • Dens
  • Closets
  • Play Rooms
  • Home Office
  • Bedrooms/Bathrooms
  • Kitchen Pantry/Laundry Room


  • Break Area
  • Classroom
  • Storage/Supply Closets
  • Personal Office/Workspace


"Looking at my new closets organized by Get Organized with RJ, built my self-esteem. The new organized space, motivated me to maintain it. It made me feel more organized and appreciate what I have, avoiding going out and over-shopping. Most importantly, it allowed me to let go of things, declutter, and break the cycle of being unorganized."
-- Peggy

"I am amazed about the service I received from Get Organized with RJ! In just a brief period, she made my space more functional and organized. I am in awe of the touches she made that I didn’t even think about. It was such an eye-opening experience watching her make sense of my office supplies. My space looks great! I am looking forward to working with RJ again to organize other spaces in my home."
-- Darrian

"Get Organized with RJ is a life saver! Rashunda organized my closet & home office. Before, my closet was a mess, shoes and clothes were everywhere. It was hard to find anything. Now, all of my clothes are neatly organized into sections- jeans, slacks, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, sweaters, etc. My shoes are all in stackable containers. In my office, all of my files, mail, receipts, and supplies all have a home. I'm able to easily find everything that I need! Thanks Rashunda!"
--- Ron

"Get Organized with RJ sets up and organizes my classroom every school year. Rashunda designs the classroom in centers by subject area. All of my academic posters are visually appealing with lots of color and are displayed at eye level for students. Also, my instructional materials and resources are easily accessible to me as well as my students. Everything in the room has its own place which makes my life easier!"
-- Sarah

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